Graphic Designer


Are you starting a company? Do you want a business?

Do you need a project design or a logo?

Would you like a catalog or brochure?

Would you like to be available on the Internet?


I offer a fast and high-quality solution for any graphic needs!



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Logo design


Page layout design



Website design


Logo design


The only function of the logo is visual identification.

The logo is personal.

The logo is individual, distinguishable, and cannot be repeated.


How much does a logo cost?


It is between 150 EUR and 500 EUR, depending on the needs.


- Do you have ideas waiting to be developed?

- Or should you modernize your existing logo?

- Are you starting a company and need ideas?


When planning, I make 4 samples, and after selecting the right one, I develop the final version.



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illustration & Retouching


Anything you might need. Sometimes the task is a packaging design, sometimes a book illustration, sometimes the digital enhancement of family photos. I have already created funny pictures, graphics for websites, illustrations, icons, and album covers for advertising on Facebook and Instagram.



How much does an Illustration cost?


It is calculated based on the time spent. It can vary between 50 EUR and 500 EUR, depending on the needs.


After a discussion, I make sketches. After selecting the right version, I will finalize the graphics.


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My Gallery

Corporate Identity & Branding


The image is the first impression of your company!

That is why it is necessary to have an individual appearance that stands out from the competition.

With the defined bases and templates, it is easier to keep the advertisements and presentations in unity.

You save time with them while also working on promoting your own brand.


How much could this cost?


Based on the time spent, it can vary between 400 EUR and 2000 EUR, depending on the needs.



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Layout Design


Printed materials will not disappear from our lives. The brochure, business card, flyer, poster, catalog, molino, banner, rollup, poster and calendar will probably always stay with us. I undertake the work from design to printing preparation, but I can also provide help with the implementation through partner companies.


How much does an Layout Design cost?


Folding brochures, catalogs, brochures, books, advertising magazines or any multi-page printed material 20 EUR/page. Designing, illustrating and preparing photos for the publication 25 EUR/hour.


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My Works

Website Design


Nowadays, a responsive website is a must-have that can be enjoyed on any device. It remains comprehensible and aesthetic even when browsing from a laptop, tablet or mobile phone



How much does a Website Design cost?


The simplest, cheapest website starts at 200 Euros.
Tell me your ideas and I'll make a website out of them.



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